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Bla Bla Blog!

Why do we write blogs? Why do we comment on what others write? More often than not, if your blog becomes popular-very popular-you, the author, will know less and less of the people who have made your digital vent sessions hot. Yet, every day more of us do it. I am doing it.

Why? Everyone on this earth wants to feel special. We want to feel that there is a unique reason we're on this world spinning together (Ever wonder if every living creature would stand still for a moment the Earth would stop and life would end as we know it? I don't either.) It may be "I am here to be a good mother" or "My mission is to help other people feel empowered" or "I was born to teach." Some people don't hold such lofty goals. Some just want to be heard. Writing a blog and commenting on a blog, at the very least, allows a person to imagine that they are being heard. Sometimes those views may sound like the wail of a banshee to others who don't share the same opinion; however, when the writer provokes an outraged response, his existence has been vindicated. He has been heard. "I am Spartacus!"

I'm writing this blog, primarily, in hopes that it will make me a better writer. It wouldn't suck if this was to blow up and give Perez Hilton a run for his gossipy money (Girlfriend gets PAID, so that wouldn't be bad, at all) but I believe that practice makes better-not perfect-but better. My Uncle Alex was an extremely gifted writer. Part of it was god given, but he helped himself tremendously by scribbling 20 some years worth of love letters during his Coast Guard service.

As long as I feel the passion my blog will deal with Blacks, Whites, politics, Democrats, Republicans; theater, film, music, acting, writing, movie, real and reality stars; bullying, depression, suicide, homophobia, bigotry, humanity, religion, war and peace; history, genealogy, and Kunta Kinte; stupidity, brilliance, love, hate and anything that will enchant some people and piss others off.

On the whole, I have sought to draft as unbiased a blog as my "better angels" have inspired me to do. I like to be liked. I always have. I suspect, however, that if I am ever to become a truly great writer, I will only do so after I have become fearless and excited some readers to promote my divinity while others demand my crucifixion. And hey, would that be SO bad? Hasn't hate bought Rush Limbaugh an island?

Chris Haley - 2/22/2013 11:47 PM

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