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Do Clothes Make or Mark the Man?

Do you have a hoodie? Does anyone you know wear a hoodie? Do you have an expensive pinstriped suit and Italian leather shoes? Do any of your friends? Do you fear them? Do you fear for their lives when they go out? Do others fear them? Are any of your friends thugs or members of the mafia? If not, are they crazy? Don't they know what these clothes suggest if they are worn by certain people?

If you have an African American young male friend and he's wearing a hoodie is he asking, begging, daring someone to give him trouble? Or is he trouble? If your friend is middle aged white Italian male and he's stepping out in a stylish tailored suit is he daring people to stereotype him? Call him Tony, Godfather, Guido, or Michael Corleone? Or is he a "made" man?

Why is the Devil so often portrayed wearing the best fitted clothes and shoes that money can buy or power can acquire and Jesus is in robes and sandals that anyone could tie a rope around the waist and wear? If you see a man wearing a flashy suit is he rich or evil or both? If you see a man, not instantly identified as a monk, wearing loose clothes, sweats pants and a pullover do you think them poor and weird? Which man would you cross the street to avoid? Which man would you ask for help if you were struggling?

How do we judge any person we see before we meet them? Why do we judge them in the way that we do?

Should we change our clothes because of preconceptions? Or should we change our preconceptions?

Chris Haley - 3/30/2012 1:20 AM

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