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Alex Haley was called upon by many authors to write Forewords and Introductions for their published works. In total, Alex wrote 21 individual Forewords for books and 3 audio narration Forewords for Conversations With Roy DeCarava: A Film by Carroll Parrot Blue, Stories Under African Skies: Stories in the African American Tradition and The Story Of The Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial: 1790-1990). In addition, he also narrated Once Upon a Vision: The Berea Story which originally aired on November 10, 2008 by Kentucky Educational Television (KET). Therefore, here are all the cover images of the works that Alex Haley contributed to with personally written and personally spoken narrated Forewords.

Alex Haley Forewords And Introductions

African American storytelling continues its strong tradition today. We have focused on storytelling and its value in teaching history. But its overall importance to the black experience is as fundamental as language itself. Its importance to the community today is just as significant as it ever was. But in this era of technological advancements, and satellite communications, storytelling has adapted to contemporary sensibilities and patterns of understanding. African Americans are still consummate storytellers but they do it as performers, actors, musicians, folklores, preachers, teachers, commentators, politicians, and even historians. Traditions have evolved to satisfy today's needs, but they each and all began under African skies. ~ Alex Haley. (From his Conclusion to Stories Under African Skies: Stories in the African American Tradition. © 1992, 2005 by The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. All Rights Reserved.)

Appalachian Heritage: Blacks In Appalachia Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, And Rastus Climbing Your Family Tree: Online And Off-Line Genealogy For Kids
Conversations With Roy DeCarava Daufuskie Island: Photographs By Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
Ethnic Genealogy: A Research Guide From Freedom To Freedom: African Roots In American Soil I Have a Dream: A Collection of Black Americans On U.S. Postage Stamps
I Sought My Brother: An Afro-American Reunion Literary Voices #1 Making Schools Work: Strategies For Changing Education
Marva Collins' Way: Returning To Excellence In Education Movin' Up: Pop Gordy Tells His Story Somerset Homecoming: Recovering A Lost Heritage
Stories of America Stories Under African Skies The Heritage of Blacks In North Carolina
The Magazine Writer's Workbook The Oratory of Negro Leaders: 1900-1968 U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial: 1790-1990
They That Go Down To The Sea Tom Bradley: The Impossible Dream Uncle Sam Must Be Losing The War: Black Marines of The 51st

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