Alex Haley

Alex Haley is said to have “walked the walk and talked the talk.” Characterized by his slow, honeyed voice, he is one of America’s greatest oral and written storytellers.

“Racism is taught in our society, it is not automatic. It is learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.”

— Alex Haley

As “the father of popular genealogy,” Alex Haley’s timeless novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, illuminates and humanizes America’s era of slavery and ultimately reflects the personal mantra visible in all his work.

Featured Articles / Interviews

The African
(The African by Alex Haley was published in the April 1976 issue of The American Genealogist Magazine.) “In 1965 shortly
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The Most Unforgettable Character I’ve Met
(The Most Unforgettable Character I’ve Met by Alex Haley was originally published in the March 1961 issue of Reader’s Digest.)
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